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  • How does it work ?
    In a nutshell: choose investments from our strategies for you, and then — with your contributions — we build the portfolio on your behalf, showing you the results in an intelligent, straightforward manner.
  • Is there a minimum investment ?
    There is no minimum amount you must invest through NeoMony however the greater the amount you invest the lower the impact of fees on your portfolios returns. However please do not invest what you cannot not afford to potentially loose.
  • Am I locked in ?
    No, you hold the investments you transact in your crypto wallet and can exit them as and when you want to. Investing is a long-term proposition but through NeoMony, you can withdraw whenever you like and there's no minimum investment period.
  • Couldn't I do this myself ?
    You could replicate our portfolios on your own, but rebalancing and monitoring your portfolio could result in high trading charges, not to mention time and hassle. Plus, our cost structure is competitive when compared to the competition.
  • What are your fees?
    View our costs and charges here
  • What am I investing in ?
    Once we've determined which assets should go into a portfolio, and in what proportions, we look to invest in them in the most efficient way possible. We offer Crypto currencies traded on the Binance exchange because they’re easy to trade, and low cost when compared to other exchanges. Read more about what we invest in
  • How easy is it sign up ?
    Signing up is free and carries no obligation to invest. We don't charge you a penny until you wish to execute a transaction using the NeoMony platform. And after that, we only when you perform a transaction on the NeoMony platform. Please remember, however, that you may not get back the full amount you invested. Learn more about the risks of investing
  • How easy is it to withdraw money ?
    NeoMony is a 3rd party provider of investment solutions and we do not hold customer money.
  • Can I see historical investment performance ?
    Yes. We always publish our portfolio performance after fees so you can compare to our competitors so you can see exactly how we’ve been doing. We update our performance figures daily. View NeoMoney’s performance figures The past performance figures are simulated, based on real market transactions implemented across all individual customer portfolios to a single portfolio for each risk level. Please remember that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance
  • Didn't see your question ?
    Yes. We always publish our portfolio performance after fees so you can compare to our competitors so you can see exactly how we’ve been doing. We update our performance figures dailIf you have a different question for NeoMony please send us a question via the chat function or contact form.
  • Ready to try NeoMony out ?
    Let's go, click on me !!
  • Why do I need an API? What is it?
    Binance API key is special code that allow us to trade on your account, obviously we can only trade and do nothing else, and you can delete this key at any time.
  • Where can I get API key?
    You can follow the steps in the video at the top of this page to create your API key and modify its restrictions. 1. Log in to your Binance account. 2. Go to your profile -> API Management. You'll see an empty line where you can type in your new API key name and hit the "Create" button. 3. Binance will ask for a code from your email and a code from your authentication app. To get a code from your email, request it by clicking the "Send code" button. The code will be emailed to you. To get a code from your authenticator app, just open it. Once you have both codes, fill the empty fields in and click "Submit". 4. Your new API key will appear in the API keys list at the very top. Note the Secret Key — you will be able to see it only once right after you create it. This key will be encrypted the next time you visit your keys list. 5. By default, the key has only "Can read" and "Enable Spot & Margin trading" permissions in the API restrictions section. You can edit the restrictions by following these steps: Log in to Binance Navigate to your Profile -> API Management section located under the human icon Select the API key you'd like to edit Click "Edit restrictions" button on the required API key card Change settings and hit "Save" button if you'd like to save or "Cancel" if you'd like to discard all changes Any changes that you make to the API key will automatically be updated on NeoMony. Kindly note that the update might take about 30 minutes.
  • Binance is not available for me
    Binance can be blocked in some countries. If you cannot register or add funds to your account, VPN may help. You can use a European IP address, for example, the UK. Please note that such actions may be against exchange policies and rules.
  • How do I become an investor?
    Step 1 - Registration To register on NeoMony, click on the "Launch Application" button and enter your email and a password. Step 2 — Exchange account Now you need to link your Binance account to the platform NeoMony. You’ll need to provide both your API key and its secret key. You can follow the steps in the video at the top of this page to link your Binance account to NeoMony with your API key. Step 3 — Strategy subscription Go to the Strategies tab and browse the strategies. You can also sort the list as you like to quickly find the strategies that suit your needs.
  • What information on Open Positions is provided on NeoMony?
    Your Dashboard will allow you to follow the behavior of your strategies, open positions on Binance with this information: pair, quantity, value, entry price, unrealized P&L.
  • What is Crypto Bot?
    Crypto trading bots are computer software that places and manage trades based on existing regulations. Automated crypto trading efficiently helps investors understand the algorithms of the crypto market and invest accordingly. These bots help capitalize on market opportunities and cut down time spent on monitoring
  • What is unrealized P&L?
    The unrealized P&L is a reflection of what profit or loss could be realized if the position were closed at that time. The P&L does not become realized until the position is closed.
  • What is Max Drawdown parameter?
    Max Drawdown parameter shows the strategy’s maximum loss from its peak value within the selected period. It is calculated in the base coin. This is an important indicator to estimate the strategy, as the max drawdown tells us how well the trader managed the risks when trading.
  • What is Sharpe Ratio?
    Sharpe ratio is the measure of risk-adjusted return of a financial portfolio. A portfolio with a higher Sharpe ratio is considered superior relative to its peers. What is a good Sharpe ratio? A Sharpe ratio less than 1 is considered bad. From 1 to 1.99 is considered adequate/good, from 2 to 2.99 is considered very good, and greater than 3 is considered excellent. The higher a Sharpe ratio, the better its returns have been relative to the amount of investment risk taken.
  • Does Crypto Bot work for both opening and closing deals?
    Copy trading works for both opening and closing deals.
  • Which exchanges can be connected to NeoMony?
    Currently, Binance is available for the Crypto Bot, it is the world's largest, most secure and most liquid crypto exchange. FTX, Kraken and CoinBase will be added very soon.
  • We all have different amounts of coins on our exchange accounts. How does copy trading manage that?
    We calculate the copy deals in percentage amounts. If the strategy uses 50% of its BTC, we’ll take 50% of the subscriber’s BTC for the copied deal.
  • I have a small amount of coins that I cannot convert into something I need. It’s like a leftover. What should I do with it?
    This non-usable leftover is also called “dust”. Binance has a brilliant feature: it allows you to convert the dust into BNB. We recommend using this feature and then converting BNB into the coin you actually need.
  • How to enable Crypto Bot?
    Just open the Strategies => Strategy List page, choose the strategy you need and click the "COPY" button under the selected strategy card.
  • How much should I deposit to my exchange account? Will $10 be enough to start copy trading?
    The absolute minimum is 150 USDT on your exchange account. However, some strategies trade with a small percentage of their overall big balance (check the strategy balance). You also need to deposit a lot in order to have a 100% copy trading success rate when following them. It’s important because of the exchange rules. If the strategy places 50% of the deposit to one deal, it means that 50% of the investor deposit should go to the copy trading operation. 50% of $10 is only $5 which is below the minimum amount. Each exchange has a minimum amount to make a deal.
  • Can I stop the subscription and restart it later?
    Yes, you can unsubscribe from the strategy and subscribe to it again later. If your billing period is still active, you won't pay the subscription fee twice.
  • I cannot subscribe to a strategy because I don’t have the minimum balance
    Each strategy sets a minimum amount that you should have on your Binance account. If you have less, you should add funds and subscribe. You’ll see the minimum amount on the subscription pop-up screen. To maximize your copy trading efficiency, you need to have the same amount of funds as the strategy does. Please check the strategy balance.
  • How do I cancel a subscription?
    You can unsubscribe anytime. Go to Dashboard page=> My Bots, find the strategy subscription you want to unsubscribe from, and click the button “Stop Bot”.
  • Can subscription cost be refunded?
    Kindly note that the subscription cost is non-refundable. If you unsubscribe, you won't be refunded, but you can resubscribe during a 30-day paid period with no charges.
  • How to choose a strategy?
    Check the signals history, chart, total profit, asset allocation, and strategy balance. Signals history will show if the strategy has recent activity. Some Spot strategies can go inactive from time to time due to market conditions. The chart will show the profit trend. Total profit will show what result the strategy has achieved at this moment. Strategy balance is crucial because your total balance should be the same or higher to achieve 100% copy trading success rate. Asset allocation will tell you how many coins this strategy is dealing with. Note that a big number of coins might cause alignment issues (you won't be able to align properly). Also, small coins that take less than 1% cannot be aligned with. Keep this in mind when looking at the asset allocation. Aggressive strategies show higher peaks and stronger drops because they aim for a higher return. Stable strategies have a smooth chart. The closer your balance to the strategy, the better your trading results will be.
  • How to check if I get any profit from the strategy I subscribed to?
    You can track performance from your Dashboard by seeing the current profits. You can also evaluate your earnings by checking your trading account balance. The Binance exchange, for example, provides a PnL report that can help you with this task. Please also note that most strategies are medium to long term. Their results are visible over a period of 3 months or more.
  • The strategy is inactive for the last week, two or three. Why?
    Check its Binance account type. Situations like this one can happen with Spot trading. If the market does not offer a good entry point, the Crypto Bot might prefer to wait for a while and resume trading activities when the market changes.
  • What risks do investors take when enabling Crypto Bot?
    Investment operations are always a risk, especially when we talk about volatile currencies. We try to mitigate the risk by moderating the strategies.
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