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Unlock the full potential of your capital market investment with Neomony ! 

NeoMony Crypto Index 5

(TOP 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 25)


NeoMony Volatility Index Top 25

(TOP 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 25)


NeoMony Smart Contracts Index

(Metaverse, DAO , Computing , DeFi)


NeoMony Semi Active RSI Index Top 15

How can Neomony take your trading to the next level?

  • Neomony's advanced algorithms do the work for you.

  • Trades are executed precisely when they need to be.

  • The result is a timely efficient approach to trading that maximizes opportunities and minimizes risks.

Zero Human Error

Algotrading eliminates emotions like fear and greed and executes trades based on a set of instructions, which reduces the probability of errors.


The ability to backtest trading strategies using historical and real-time data to see if they are viable.

Neomony, your trusted specialist in algotrading technology (2)_edited.jpg

Get started

Explore years of trading expertise in a matter of seconds

01. First, sign up and login into your Neomony account

sign up_edited.jpg
get started_edited_edited.jpg

02. Choose your own mix strategy

03. Connect Exchange and allocate funds

allocate funds.png

04. Monitor your strategies in your dashboards

Why choose Neomony?


At our company, we take pride in tailoring our solutions to fit your unique requirements, delivering only the highest quality service.

Our top priority is your security, and we take every measure to ensure that all financial transactions are securely encrypted, keeping your data safe and protected. Trust us to provide the personalized and secure service you deserve.

Thanks to our serious security measures, all your financal transactions are consisely encrypted, your data is safe with us! 

Sofiane Gadrim, CTO

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